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World Missions

We have had the privilege to partner with several like-minded believers throughout the world. If you'd like to financially contribute to any of these missions that we support, you can give by following the link.  Select "World Missions" inside the GIVE TO: section. You can give a one-time donation or consider choosing a reoccurring gift.

God Bless

Pamela Markey

Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe

Tbilisi, Georgia



Pam & Kristen     

 Jed & Renee Gourley

Tbilisi, Georgia

Jed, Renee, Anna, Elizabeth, Joshua, Rachel, Isaiah, Emma  



Paul & Melanie Billings

Refugee Ministry

Paul, Melanie, Titus, Timothy, Nehemiah,

Judah, Grace


David & Deborah Markey

Salekhard, Siberia, Russia

David, Deborah, Abigail, Selah, & Gabriel William       


George & Sharon Markey

Calvary Chapel Kyiv, Ukraine

George, Sharon, Samuel, Kyoshi, Peter, James, Andrew



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